June 19, 2023 2 min read

As difficult as it can be to understand why we should write the vision for our relationships and the relationships that we want, we still must write. As women we can allow the busyness of life to get in the way of us taking the time to do things that will improve us whether it be from a physical, mental, emotional, and or spiritual standpoint. We have to be mindful of when busyness is getting in the way and make the adjustments necessary to provide ourselves the time and space needed to do the work.

I cannot stress how important it is for us to write out for ourselves, so that we are able to see, what we need and want within our men. Which eventually becomes a part of the vision for our relationships. This includes women who are In Waiting for their future husbands to arrive. You should be journaling about what qualities you would like him to have as well as what you don’t want within him.  Working through this process will assist you with having a greater understanding of who you are in relation to others.

So, I encourage you to write out in your journals or wherever you write things out, what you are looking for in your future husband. Be specific! For example, if you want him to be a man of God, a man of integrity, have a nice smile, have pretty teeth, long eyelashes, and or be physically built. Write it down. Some of us are so afraid to express what it is that we want, even though we have been told to write things out. It's as though we are afraid that we are asking for too much, don't believe, or have been hurt so bad in the past, that we have made the decision not to particpate anymore in relationships that are considered romantic. Ladies, no more thinking of your relationships and or the ones that you want with a poverty mindset. Believe for the best in all areas of your life, especially the ones that involve the people in your life. So again, write the vision for your relationship!

In Obedience,