June 19, 2023 2 min read

As women we often find ourselves in what I call "circling the same block" We literally, go through the same types of situations with the same types of men over and over and repeatedly... Sometimes this is happening with the same man. Other times it is happening with a different man, but within the same type of scenario.
Often, we attract the same type of men because of the way we "talk". Meaning, the way we choose to use our words. We put ourselves down to ourselves and others. We become a magnet to men looking for women who see themselves as lowly and fortunate that someone even wants to be bothered with them, they may even watch the way we interact with others (maybe family and friends). Also because of how we interact with them they can identify areas within us in which we are vulnerable. When certain types of men, those with no good intentions are looking for someone to take advantage of, they master identifying women who have a weakness in that particular area.
Therefore, as women, we must make it a priority to work on identifying our areas of weakness before others. Just as important is working on improving ourselves in areas in which we have weaknesses. We must also do our best to avoid men who look to take advantage of women. If nothing else, we need to get good at saying, "NO,” to these types of men when we begin to see the similarities that if not dealt with will eventually become another failed attempt at a relationship... yet again circling the same block.
What do you personally keep getting tripped up within? Or where in the relationship do you continuously get caught up? What do all the men share in common as it pertains to you? Is there a need or desire that you are attempting to fill with the selection of men that you are dating? What is YOUR vulnerability that they are attracted to?